World Cup Ambushed!

I don’t know if you have noticed but the World Cup has been occupying most of the television the last few weeks, im not complaining, football on TV every day is how it should be, since coming home and watching nothing but football for the past few weeks something stood out for me…sponsors.

Now take a minute and think of brands you have seen over the World Cup, name 3 or 4? Bet there not the official sponsors, this is ambush marketing at its finest.


Before I explain, Nike are the masters of this technique! Paddy power are too!

Ambush marketing is a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee which in this case would be extortionate.

I studied this at University where consumers are drawn to brands that don’t pay the extraordinary fees others do to get brand awareness; it’s a technique not many can truely master!

Going back to my question, brands I think of from the World Cup are; Fosters, Nike, and Beats by Dre, now none of these are actual sponsors of the World Cup!

The actual sponsors are: Coca- Cola, adidas, Budweiser, Sony, Visa, McDonalds, Kia, Emirates, Continental to name a few.


So what does the research say?

The research project involved the business asking members of its real-time panels in the UK, US and Brazil to identify sponsors. Respondents were asked to pick official World Cup sponsors from a list of 38 brands, both official sponsors and their non-sponsor rivals.

Two-fifths (38%) of UK, US and Brazilian consumers mistakenly think MasterCard is a World Cup sponsor, with rival credit card brands Visa scoring just 4% higher recognition at 42%, according to research from GlobalWebIndex.

Other brands not officially linked to the tournament but which scored high recognition as “sponsors”, included Carlsberg in the UK. Budweiser is the official World Cup beer sponsor.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 15.04.51

Non-sponsor Pepsi, which has been running football-themed advertising, scored the highest awareness as a World Cup “sponsor” among US consumers. Nike, which  launched a humorous five-minute animated epic, was selected as a sponsor by nearly a third of UK and US consumers.

Meanwhile, a fifth of UK consumers also thought that Samsung is a FIFA sponsor.

MasterCard has not sponsored the World Cup since 2006, when it discontinued its 16-year association with the tournament.

On a more positive note for those brands forking out millions of pounds on sponsorship of the Brazil World Cup, Coca-Cola, a sponsor since 1978, and Adidas, a sponsor since 1970, gained the highest recognition as World Cup commercial partners.Fabregas-Pepsi-pepsi-2251258-1024-768

Coke’s association proved the most resonant for consumers, with two-thirds of UK and US consumers selecting the brand.

So what draws you to the brands that actually don’t sponsor the World Cup, the bright yellow Nike football boots? Neymar appearing on every other advert there is? The catchy adverts showing beach volley ball, funny cartoons or social media ‘buzz’?


For me all of the above, for example Nike, they put themselves IN the game, the extremely high visible boots that everyone seems to be wearing, they have managed to integrate themselves within the World Cup, like they did in past Olympic games and other sporting events. The Nike logo visible or not becomes irrelevant when people associate the bright yellow colour to Nike football boots. That combined with their perfectly placed adverts places their products at the forefront of peoples minds!


So yes, I think ambush marketing definitely works, why would clever brands pay so much to be official sponsors when they can still get awareness and recognition just the same? On the other hand it can also back fire, association to certain brands/services etc can give you a bad image, damage your reputation and of course really p*** off those who fork out millions to sponsor the event!

What are your thoughts on ambush marketing? Do you think it works, do you even agree, I’d love to know!


A sneak peak into Rory Mcilroys workout…

I touched on this the other day in the tiger woods blog (see here) a golfers fitness and how athletic the golf game is becoming…

I touched on how the core strength of a golfer is the most important, whether you use the gym regularly or not at all, having a strong core helps with posture, and swing consistency. Justin Rose is the master of this, and his swings not bad either.

“I am driving it further,” he told the Belfast Telegraph last month in Abu Dhabi. “It’s a combination of the golf ball, the driver, and just getting stronger from all the work I’m doing in the gym.”

Rory Mcilroy took to the internet to give us a cheeky snap at his workout, take a look at it below.

5 yards longer than last week…

Taylormade’s marketing is incredible, their campaigns are equally entertaining and creative, i recently did an article regarding Nike and their campigns and i’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about the new SLDR so thought i best touch on the subject.

Now i love Taylormade, i play the R9 TP so in a way my argument is already void because its almost certain their new clubs would help me hit it a little longer. BUT maybe its me being naive or something but every 5 minutes they release a new club which was 10/20 yards longer than the last?? Soon the guys on Tour, will be hitting drives for miles.. Literally.

I dont know, id love to hear peoples reactions, has it really made an improvement on your old driver? Maybe it has, like i say its probably just me being naive, but i remember playing a couple of rounds with the R11 and my R9 out performed that, yes maybe because i was more used to it, i dont know i just cant pull myself away from my beloved R9.

What does get me thinking for an upgrade is the fact that every taylormade staffer seems to be playing the SLDR, literally EVERYONE! Thats either a very clever piece of marketing right there or it is that damn good that everyone wants it in their bag.

After recently upgrading my irons, my 3 wood is next in the firing line (taylormade superfast) which is exceptional in my opinion but i feel its time for a change, i picked up the new covert 2.0 the other day and it felt so good, it has to be purchased, im a little more reluctant on the driver front but  maybe next year its time to go shopping for the big stick.

Whats your thoughts on the new Taylormade gear, any gear actually, have you recently bought a new driver? Let me know!

Marketing as it should be: Nike ‘Play in the Now’

As well as being a golf fanatic, I love marketing, the things it can do, the power it has, there is no limit no right or wrong answer, something’s work, others don’t, but I find it fascinating.

With technology changing in the golf industry almost every season, marketing is at the very forefront of golf with Taylormade and Nike being the front runners of using this tool to broadcast their products.

Nike have had a lot of good/bad press for their introduction into golf, the way they ‘bought’ their way in. In some respects I agree, in others I don’t. Yes an endorsement such as Tigers turns a few heads, and now Rory, but why is that so wrong?

I for one don’t see a problem with this, they are innovative, precise, and yes game changers! Hence this article, it isn’t to rant on how Nike should or shouldn’t market their products, its about their new campaign “Play in the Now

This year, Nike Golf is continuing with their ad campaign of “Play in the Now,” where it pokes fun at players who fail to embrace the new technology available to them!

Nike’s line of equipment in 2014 is very impressive but at the centre of it all is their new Nike Covert 2.0 driver! Both Rory McIlory and Tiger Woods have it in their bag this season, and that’s saying something for Tiger because he usually takes a while to feel comfortable with an equipment change. Nike Golf teases players who can’t seem to grasp the concept of cavity back technology and the Covert 2.0!

I love the way they have marketed this to their consumers, it’s funny, its different, creative and its NOT  “this year we are 5 yards longer” (I play a Taylormade Driver ‘R9 TP and burner 3 wood’ so before anyone slates me I do like Taylormade, I just don’t like the way they do marketing.. If they would kindly like to offer me a job, I would love to help with this however…see contact details 😉 )

Take a look!