Inspiring- Journey To Better Srixon Golf

As you probably know, I am a BIG fan of this campaign. Short, sweet and simple!

I like what they have done with their previous videos, you have G-Mac, calm collected, you get an insight in to the tactical side of the game. Then Keegan Bradley, a look toward the youth of the game, how athletic the game is becoming and how you have to adapt to evolve as a golfer, and Castano, a true family man, not just doing it for himself but for his family too!

Next is JB Holmes with quite a story behind him, truely inspirational

See it here!


Keegan Bradley Journey to Better!

Now G-Mac’s video last week got me inspired, Srixons new campaign Journey To Better looks like its going to be a cracker!


With the next one ‘Episode 2’ featuring Keegan Bradley, a young, rising star AND Major champion on the PGA Tour, expectations of the young American are definitely high. Watch the video below as he takes us through his Journey To Better.

For the first episode of Srixons Journey to Better check out my other post here!