Major issues for Tiger

So Tiger announced last week that he will be missing the US Open in a couple of weeks…Noooooo! I don’t know about you but through his trials and tribulations, injuries and so on I just want to see Tiger back to his best, and at the top of that leaderboard.

The Masters - Final Round

A question so many ask and I guess only time will tell, will he pass Nicklaus, will he get passed 18? Well not by missing majors he won’t!

There is nothing magical about the age of 38 for many professional athletes. Late thirties bring about certain changes in an athlete’s body, you start to slow, injuries keep popping up and the majority have sights set on their future after they fall in to retirement.

The minority who preserve themselves thanks to good genes, habits, luck, Ryan Giggs’ Yoga DVD, you name it know the clock is ticking. Okay golf is a little different, plus you get the senior tour too, however when you’re talking about beating records, age has everything to do with it!

Even for the great Jack Nicklaus. “My golf game can only go on so long,” he said……. at 38.

One might have been an unmarked intersection out in the country, the other a junction with bright, flashing lights in a big city, but Nicklaus was at a crossroads when he was 38 as Woods finds himself in the same situation. At that point of their careers, there are similarities and differences between the legend who set the standard and the one who is trying to eclipse it.

Nicklaus, who turned 38 on Jan. 21, 1978, had gone two years without winning a major championship after capturing the 1975 PGA at Firestone CC for his 14th professional major title (a number that wasn’t used nearly so much as 16, which included his two U.S. Amateur victories). In the 1977 Masters and British Open, Nicklaus had been beaten by a younger man, Tom Watson.


“Sure you wonder if you’re going to win again,” Nicklaus said,

For Nicklaus, major No. 15 was indeed a drought-buster — although he had won eight regular tournaments since the ’75 PGA — but it wasn’t being plotted as an essential way point on a journey. When he won the 1973 PGA Championship, it was Nicklaus’ 12th pro major, surpassing Walter Hagen’s 11, and 14th overall, bettering Bobby Jones’ 13. Nicklaus would have plenty of opponents after August of ’73, but history wasn’t one of them.

He was so competitive, and so good, that a back stretch with a target number at the finish line might well have pushed Nicklaus to win more than 18 majors — converting at least a few of the 17 top-four major finishes he had after the ’73 PGA into victories.

That is speculation. The reality is that Woods’ hopes of surpassing the great Golden Bear are slowly fading, missing the Masters and now the US Open, you wonder if he can find that fire in his belly again to compete let alone win another 4 majors.jack-nicklaus-tiger-2009-vert-apjpg-2a840c9d9c356a31

Fourteen was just a number for Nicklaus. For Woods, it is a punctuation mark no one ever dreamed would be a period. Since then he’s hit trouble in some way or another, many thought last year could see his return, Tiger was on the prowl, however another set back meant he fell short of another major success.

“I know I’ve won with something besides the shots,” Nicklaus told Deford in 1978 after rediscovering his major touch, “but I don’t know for sure what that something is.”

Well the first thing Tiger needs is a new back, knee, hip, and elbow that all work, joking!! Once fit again he needs to find that ‘something’, that very same something that made him one of the most remarkable athletes of his era, that desire, that passion to win, that.. fear factor! Tiger, who once seemed to overflow with it, needs some magic!

What are your thoughts, reckon he will match or pass the great Jack Nicklaus or will he fall short on his mission to conquer the great game. Let me know.



Just tap it in.. Tap it in!

You may have seen from previous videos, I’m a big fan of ye olde Bubba! The 2014 Masters Champion is not only known for his long hitting but also for his life of the course, he’s become somewhat of a Youtube sensation.  (Apologies for my biased opinion ha!)

So as well as the fire suit, and the wakeboarding he also loves his trick shots and occasionaly the odd visit to Ping!

Well, check out his latest mini golf conquest, its AWESOME!

Get in the hole!


You’re a wizard Ryan…

FA Cup Semi Final replay, 1999, yes that’s the one, round 1, round 2, 3, 4 and SMASH! Gives you goosebumps doesn’t it! Of course, Ryan Giggs!

Ryan Giggs

22 years a Manchester United fan, 22 years of seeing Giggs and that magical left foot! Thankfully he stuck to his Yoga and gave us some delightful years in a Manchester United Shirt.

It’s sad in a way, I mean well over due in my eyes but still, you can’t help but look back at such an illustrious career! He was the last of that generation, ‘The Class of 92’

So the most decorated footballer in the history of English football finally bows out from professional football after 24 seasons with Manchester United. Fortunately in my eyes he’s being kept on under Louis van Gaal, I think this is the right step for obvious reasons.

Here’s a look back at the legendary career of “The Welsh Wizard.”


Giggs retires as Manchester United’s all-time leader in appearances with 963. He made 802 of those appearances as a starter and he is the only player in English history to make 900 appearances with a single club. Giggs is also tied with Joe Spence as the seventh-leading scorer in club history with 168 goals.

He is also the all-time leader in European Cup/Champions League appearances with 151. He surpassed former record-holder Raúl on Oct. 2, 2013, when he appeared as a substitute against Shakhtar Donetsk in the group stage. Giggs scored 29 goals in his European Cup/Champions League career, third most in United history.


His 632 Premier League appearances are the most all-time, 55 more than Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. Giggs was the last active player to have appeared in every season of the Premier League (first season in 1992-93), and the 2013-14 season was the first time in his career that he failed to register a Premier League goal. His 109 Premier League goals are second all-time in United history.

Giggs has also won 34 trophies as a player and is the most decorated player in English history. Giggs’ titles include 13 Premier League titles, and he alone has won more league titles than all but three English clubs: Manchester United (20), Liverpool (18) and Arsenal (13). Giggs also won two Champions League titles, converting the winning penalty in United’s shootout with Chelsea in the 2008 final.


Giggs was never sent off in his Manchester United career and he received only one red card in his 64 caps for Wales after receiving two yellow cards in a World Cup qualifier against Norway on Sept. 5, 2001. That’s a grand total of one red card in 1,027 professional matches.(ESPN)

And Yaya was moaning about a bloody Birthday card!

Go on then, just one more time…

Giggs will tearing you apart since 1991…



11 years old… Yep just 11


Just WOW! Actually, yeah.. just Wow!

Golf has definitely bypassed the stereotypes of being ‘boring’ ‘fat’ and ‘Old’ in the last 10 years or so, we welcome the new era, athletic, exhilarating and full of youth!

This week has been another huge one in the world of golf. The growth of golf has been tremendous all over the world, especially in China, and a product of this huge trend is Lucy Li! Earlier this year, 11 year old Lucy Li won her age division at the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship at the Masters.

That’s not the biggest news for her this year though as this past Monday, she qualified for the US Women’s Open at PinehurstNo.2 this year by winning her sectional qualifier at Half Moon Bay by seven strokes! This breaks Lexi Thompson’s record of being the youngest ever to compete in the US Women’s Open at the age of 12 back in 2007. Definitely not bad for an 11 year old!

A British Lion- Ian Poulter

If I say ‘Ryder Cup’ what pops in to your head?

I bet this guy won’t be far away. Yes… Ian Poulter, Ryder Cup gladiator and match play wizard, but what whats been puzzling me for some time now is why oh why is he not at the top of that leaderboard more often? Just, what is it, pressure? No, Mentality? No, Poults seems to have all that on lock com match play, however doesnt seem to make that transition in to stroke play?

I’m a big Poults fan, i’m just fascinated at why such a world class player cant seem to make the next step?


“There’s only one Ian Poulter” goes the Ryder Cup chant. At times, it seems like there may be two.

Poulter is not only a star attraction wherever he plays, but he can be one of the most engaging interviewees in sport. His story is a terrific one, an inspiration to young professionals who fear they might not make it in the game when stuck selling tee pegs in their club shop. Poulter’s maximisation of his own brand, let alone his golf, has been a major success story in itself.

This came apparent to me at the Masters this year, he had a good run at it, and I just thought to myself, you know I wonder what he would do if he was say one off the lead going into the final round of a Major, or had to defend a lead on a Sunday at Augusta, would he still be the same, cool, flash, collected Poults we are all used to seeing?

I found an interview with him, and they asked

‘Where does your confidence come from?’

‘I guess from my dad, who’s an engineer. He played football and had some trials with a couple of decent clubs but didn’t quite make it. He was pretty handy at most sports, and he never particularly liked losing. I guess I’ve got some of that in me. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to not enjoy losing. He drilled that in me at an early age. It’s not just about taking part in something; it’s about competition — and winning.’

My kind of guy, hates losing, loves winning, thats how it should be! So he knows how to win, and he doesnt like losing, so what seems to be the problem?

Outside of golf he’s just as slick, a garage full of ferrari’s, his own brand/business ‘IJP’, family life too, and if like me you follower him on Twitter you know he’s a good laugh too!

So what could it be, could all this outside stuff impact his game? does it act as a distraction? hmm not so sure, doesnt seem to effect him in the Ryder Cup does it? After all, he’s got to have stuff outside of the game of golf!!

I don’t know, I guess this a questuon for you guys, why do you think Poults struggles for contention?

Here’s a reminder of 2008, Poults on flames!


Thanks again for reading, I’d love to know your thoughts on this one, what do you think? Let me know!






A ‘Fifth’ Major, The Players Championship

So today the ‘fifth’ major gets underway at TPC Sawgrass, theres many to watch and its one of my favs to watch too! The Players is part of history, whether you believe in the fifth major or not, its a great event and definitley not something to miss.


Theres loads with a shout, JB Holmes off the back of his win last week, Adam Scott will be wanting a good finish, a top 16 will also see Scotty return to the world number one spot. Garcia, Dustin Johnson, the list is endless, I really can’t pick a winner!

If i had to have a guess i’d go wth Fowler as an e/w bet, hes finding form with Butch in his corner, his swing is looking good, and I think this year he will produce something special, will it be the players? I’m not too sure. Jim Furyk finished well last week and finding some form, when he’s on it he really is tough to beat, long off the tee and deadly accurate when he wants to be, one to watch for sure!

Something a little different here’s a few players who have never won at the Players… Yeah yeah, theres a lot of players who havent done that, but packing a top field you would have thought one of these guys would have lifted the unofficial fifth major!

One. Jim Furyk. This week could change all this, a fourth and fifth finish here, he’s done better than a few others and in his current form could break the duck!

Jim Furyk,  Dustin Johnson

Two. Justin Rose. JR has missed the cut here five times over the years, clealry he struggles here but why? Clearly this isnt his english cup of tea! Come on Rosey!

Three. Bubba Watson.  Bubba, Bubba Buba Bubba. Bubba long may struggle me thinks.

Four. Rory McIlroy. Like Rose, This isnt Rorys favourite either, missing the cut in his first three attempts! Like Bubba and other big hitters Rory may struggle, can he hone in those long drives to cope with the doglegs and tight lies?

Five. Lee Westwood. A great ball striker works well pretty much anywhere and Lee has that, thats for sure. He’s struggled in America before now, but now he’s moved over maybe he’s settles on US soil? the unoffical major still counts as a major right Lee?

Luke Donald

Six. Luke Donald. Luuuuuuuuuke! Easy to forget poor Lukey boy was World No.1 not so long ago, a 2nd place finish here nearly 10 years ago on his way up the rankings and fourth and sixth finishes as well, you would think this course suites his game.

Who’s your bet for the players? Maybe one of the above?

Inspiring- Journey To Better Srixon Golf

As you probably know, I am a BIG fan of this campaign. Short, sweet and simple!

I like what they have done with their previous videos, you have G-Mac, calm collected, you get an insight in to the tactical side of the game. Then Keegan Bradley, a look toward the youth of the game, how athletic the game is becoming and how you have to adapt to evolve as a golfer, and Castano, a true family man, not just doing it for himself but for his family too!

Next is JB Holmes with quite a story behind him, truely inspirational

See it here!