You’re a wizard Ryan…

FA Cup Semi Final replay, 1999, yes that’s the one, round 1, round 2, 3, 4 and SMASH! Gives you goosebumps doesn’t it! Of course, Ryan Giggs!

Ryan Giggs

22 years a Manchester United fan, 22 years of seeing Giggs and that magical left foot! Thankfully he stuck to his Yoga and gave us some delightful years in a Manchester United Shirt.

It’s sad in a way, I mean well over due in my eyes but still, you can’t help but look back at such an illustrious career! He was the last of that generation, ‘The Class of 92’

So the most decorated footballer in the history of English football finally bows out from professional football after 24 seasons with Manchester United. Fortunately in my eyes he’s being kept on under Louis van Gaal, I think this is the right step for obvious reasons.

Here’s a look back at the legendary career of “The Welsh Wizard.”


Giggs retires as Manchester United’s all-time leader in appearances with 963. He made 802 of those appearances as a starter and he is the only player in English history to make 900 appearances with a single club. Giggs is also tied with Joe Spence as the seventh-leading scorer in club history with 168 goals.

He is also the all-time leader in European Cup/Champions League appearances with 151. He surpassed former record-holder Raúl on Oct. 2, 2013, when he appeared as a substitute against Shakhtar Donetsk in the group stage. Giggs scored 29 goals in his European Cup/Champions League career, third most in United history.


His 632 Premier League appearances are the most all-time, 55 more than Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. Giggs was the last active player to have appeared in every season of the Premier League (first season in 1992-93), and the 2013-14 season was the first time in his career that he failed to register a Premier League goal. His 109 Premier League goals are second all-time in United history.

Giggs has also won 34 trophies as a player and is the most decorated player in English history. Giggs’ titles include 13 Premier League titles, and he alone has won more league titles than all but three English clubs: Manchester United (20), Liverpool (18) and Arsenal (13). Giggs also won two Champions League titles, converting the winning penalty in United’s shootout with Chelsea in the 2008 final.


Giggs was never sent off in his Manchester United career and he received only one red card in his 64 caps for Wales after receiving two yellow cards in a World Cup qualifier against Norway on Sept. 5, 2001. That’s a grand total of one red card in 1,027 professional matches.(ESPN)

And Yaya was moaning about a bloody Birthday card!

Go on then, just one more time…

Giggs will tearing you apart since 1991…




Footballing masterclass at Augusta?

In the build up to the long awaited tee off on Thursday, SkySports gave Jamie Redknapp and Micheal Ballack a chance to play the gorgeous 16th at The Masters! Is there anything Jamie can’t do?

Not bad eh, wonder how much a few of the pro’s would pay for Jamie’s shot come Sunday?

Stay tuned for our betting preview, coming tomorrow ready for the weekend!



More to follow from us!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone of you for taking the time out and reading this blog, even to those taht dont particualrly like it, it means a lot and I hope you guys are enjoying them so far.

I started this blog to mainly talk about golf and thats still the case, however we will mix it up a bit with ramblings about day to day stuff that pops into my mind and also some other sport stuff.


What to expect;

A look back to my trip to Augusta last year, and where to play if you are travelling a couple of days before the tournament.

Course rants from my outings, course reviews, and my progress to get into single figures!

The trials and tribulations of Manchester United, apologies if you do not follow football, or in many cases arent a united fan, either way im sure you will love me ranting about their struggles.

And of course the occassional bet that never comes in :-/

As a marketeer myself, I will occassionally post some stuff about that, not boring old stuff but some good stuff thats worth a read.

If you have any ideas, questions etc, comment below, you can also share the blog if you are feeling especially kind, Thanks again for reading, whether your interested or not, thanks for taking the time out to read my useless mind thoughts.

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Rise and Rise again… David Moyes, what now?

So after a week of getting my head around this another defeat settles in, at the hands of Olypiakos, many people are calling for Moyes’ head. Are they right? To be fair, any other club, maybe, in fact no question about it yes…. Manchester United, no!

The transition phase everybody talks about was always going to happen, I think I mentioned this in a previous blog, its inevitable, you lose an icon like sir alex and you are going to endure difficult times.

Are people right to be angry at Moyes?


In a way yes, arguments over signings in summer could last all day long, we didnt sign enough nor the right players, but how much of that was really down to David Moyes! A look above perhaps to the chairman, who in my opinion should have over compensated for the departure of Sir Alex.

A chat with my friends (mostly liverpool or city fans) brings about a heated debate about this. But look not to Moyes and more to the players, and somewhat even dare i say it..sir Alex.

Firstly the age, Ferdinand, Giggs, Vidic, Evra even Carrick are all in their 30’s, and Giggs 40! Sir Alex left the centre stage leaving Moyes with an aged team desperate for a rebuild. That in itself is a massive job for anyone, how do you replace the heart of the defence which for so many years have dominated the premiership. These arent average joes, these were at somepoint the best in world at their peak, and you cant just replace them that easily.

Another thing that was very obvious last Tuesday was the players, their attitude is somewhat disgusting. You put on that shirt, you are playing for Manchetser United. Most people dream about wearing that shirt, would do anything to wear that shirt, and yet they can and they look like they dont even care. With the exception to Rooney, De gea, maybe carrick and Mata ( I know he didnt play tuesday) not one of them deserves to wear the shirt.

Van Persie, saved us last season, actually won the league for us last season, pure brilliance and yet the first sign of struggle and he isnt interested. Cleverley, very much a confidence player, not at all good enough for Manchester United. Valencia, Young, the list is endless, the end result not good enough.

Time for a bit more of a rant…A freind of mine (a liverpool fan) sat bragging about how well Liverpool are doing compared to United, no question this is Liverpool’s best season for a long long time, and yes you will finish higher up the table this year BUT this is their best season for a while and when it comes down to it they will win exactly the same as us…nothing. This poses the question who would you rather be? No champs league this season and suarez is gone, gerrard ageing, sturridge will get frustrated then you have a very very average side. A lot like uniteds i admit, but i strongly beleive we will rebuild this summer, then endure another tough season whilst everyone settles then we will be back where we belong. And when that happens, when! I will be sat here grinning like a cheshire cat!

Que the spending spree. Moyes in!!!!

Join the debate, Moyes in? Moyes out? Leave a comment below, and dont forget to share!