Inspiring- Journey To Better Srixon Golf

As you probably know, I am a BIG fan of this campaign. Short, sweet and simple!

I like what they have done with their previous videos, you have G-Mac, calm collected, you get an insight in to the tactical side of the game. Then Keegan Bradley, a look toward the youth of the game, how athletic the game is becoming and how you have to adapt to evolve as a golfer, and Castano, a true family man, not just doing it for himself but for his family too!

Next is JB Holmes with quite a story behind him, truely inspirational

See it here!


Sports Science- Rory Mcilroy

Now technology is now at the forefront of golf, from drivers and irons to clothing which helps you swing better. Nike have created some pretty cool campaigns of late advertising their new line of equipment, from old to new, it’s funny, creative and eye catching.

This is a good insight from ESPN on the Sport science on putting! Check it out!

The old saying ‘it’s like putting on glass just won’t be the same again will it, no excuses now!’ damn it!

Source: ESPN Sport Science

Paula Creamer mixed martial arts!! What the?


Modern day athletes are becoming more and more adaptable to their sports, whether it be on the golf course or on a football field, tecnology, equipment and the modern day era are changing the perception of athletes by continously pushing the boudaries set from the generation before!

Golf changed with Tiger. Tiger brought an aspect of fitness to golf that nobody had ever seen before, this has  impacted and shaped the modern golfer today! Now, the fitness is reaching the women’s game and among them is LPGA’s star, Paula Creamer!

For the past three years, Paula has integrated a workout with Mixed Martial Arts coach, Jonathan Burke of Orlando, this as you are probably imagining is not the typical type of ‘workout’ golfers under take. Needless to say, Paula has been in fine form recently and perhaps it is down to this alternative training method.

Take a look below!

Jonathan’s program emphasises a combination of exercises, including the dreaded super sets! These exercises focus on working out the core, cardio, strength, conditioning, flexibility and range of motion, which are all huge fundamentals of the golf swing!

Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano, Journey to be better!

The third episode of Srixon Golf’s Journey To Better is here, featuring Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano. This video is a little different from G-mac’s and Keegan’s! Family life, like it should be is his Journey to be better.

Castano has spent most of his time on the European tour and even represented Team Europe in the inaugural EurAsia Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This season though, he’s made the inevitable jump to join the PGA Tour full time to challenge himself on his Journey To Better – hear from Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano yourself in the video above!

I for one am loving this campaign, it’s different, its innovative and they have done this absolutely superbly!

Now back to the masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fowler Spectrum

Rickie..Rickie, Rickie, Rickie…

You remember Rickie Fowler, the young gun from Oklahoma State, the kid with the long, floppy hair under hats with bills far too big, how can you forget, he wears bright orange!!!

We briefly spoke about Rickie towards the start of the season when He teamed up with Butch Harmon for 2014.


All kinds of talent, a great amateur career, eccentric, unique, even a motor-cross fanatic, Rickie Fowler has it all. I was watching the golf the other day and there was a piece on him, and it mentioned even with all of that, he has just one win since he hit the PGA Tour, causing a considerable stir in the world of golf.

At the ripe old age of 25, the wonder kid has been to the winner’s circle just once. But guess what? That very same guy, the one with only one win on the PGA Tour has won over $11 million. And the truth is that 2012 season, in which he won the Wells Fargo Championship, could have been even better. He was in the next-to-last group in the final round of the Memorial Tournament but managed to shoot an 84 to fall out of contention quickly.

This very well could be the year he breaks through that glass ceiling. Why? Well for a couple of reasons, actually. First, he is 25. Fowler has managed to get through the growing years as a professional golfer rather nicely. He’s posted 24 top-10 finishes and 43 top-25 finishes. There’s no doubt this kid can play.

He started out this season with a T19 in the CIMB Classic in the fall part of the 2013-14 season, and after five less-than-sparkling outings, he finished third in the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship.

As previously mentioned he also has a new swing coach, and yup, the guy he hired has a glittering resume. You may recognize some of his students and former students. Do the names Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson ring any bells? Yes, Butch Harmon is the man, and he’s been working with Fowler since December 2013. Harmon has had a major stable of players over the years, led by Woods and Mickelson, and he knows talent. Look towards Dustin Johnson too.


Fowler showed up at the Northern Trust Open with those long locks gone and the straight bill look on his golf hats. The new compact swing has taken a bit of time to yield results, but Fowler loves it.

“I’ve been swing well, the swing feels really comfortable. I know a lot of people question whether its swing changes (causing poor play) or if I’m not comfortable with it. But really I just need to get the putter warmed back up.” Look, this guy can play. He averages 298 yards off the tee, but his issues previously have been keeping those bombs in the short grass. He only does that about 57 percent of the time. That should be something that could be corrected by the instruction Harmon is providing along with that more compact swing.

Fowler is absolutely right when he talks about his putting. It’s been miserable thus far in 2014. He’s ranked 174th in the “strokes gained putting” category. Very few winners on the PGA Tour are lousy putters. He’s made a name for himself with his colourful clothing, but that’s not what he wants to be known for when he’s 40 years old. Right now, however, those clothes might be the only way golf fans will be able to recognize him because his short haircut gives him a totally different look. It all seems to be coming together for Fowler, and if it does, 2014 could be a spectacular breakout year for him.

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Keegan Bradley Journey to Better!

Now G-Mac’s video last week got me inspired, Srixons new campaign Journey To Better looks like its going to be a cracker!


With the next one ‘Episode 2’ featuring Keegan Bradley, a young, rising star AND Major champion on the PGA Tour, expectations of the young American are definitely high. Watch the video below as he takes us through his Journey To Better.

For the first episode of Srixons Journey to Better check out my other post here!

Journey to be better- Graeme McDowell

Ohhhhh Gmac is a cool customer! Check out his latest camppaign with Srixon golf here,

Srixon Golf presents their latest campaign, the Journey To Better. In the first episode of the campaign, Graeme McDowell talks about the Journey To Better in the sport of golf and in life. There is no such thing as perfection in the sport of golf or the golf swing – there is only the pursuit of better. Take a look at the awesome video above and hear from Graeme McDowell himself!