On your bike Coca Cola!

Hurrah! Finally something marketing related. Firstly apologies if you dont like marketing, it’s mostly golf, actually.. all golf, so as a one off i thought id chat about something different.


Coca-Cola is renowned for its innovative marketing, and like so many others I am usually a big fan! They are creative, fun and most of all grab peoples attention.

One of there more successful campaigns was the  ‘2ndLives’ initiative where empty Coke bottles gets repurposed into new, useful objects, or creating a “Bio Cooler”, which is essentially a fridge that functions without electricity.

However, this latest campaign by the soft drink brand seems more of an irony instead.

So it’s called ‘Happy Cycle’, and I’m just a little confused. Individuals were invited to ride a bike and work off their calories in exchange for a can of Coke. Hmmmmm. Seems a little silly doesn’t it? Burn off calories to be rewarded with something sugary and full of calories?

At the beginning of the video (see below), the brand poses a question, “A Coke used to cost 5 cents. But what if a 12-oz Coke cost 140 calories?” This is subsequently followed up with the information that it would take you 23 minutes to burn off 140 calories if you weighed 140 pounds.

This inevitably forces the limelight on the fact that you probably shouldn’t be drinking Coca-Cola in the first place, which surely lends support to detractors of the brand.

Are they really trying to jump on the healthy band wagon?

For me that seems like too much hard work for one can of coke? And if I was to exercise I wouldn’t want to ruin the hard work by refuelling with the sugary drink? Now I’m partial to a bottle every now and then, especially in summer, and I can see where they are trying to go with this campaign… but still.coca-cola-life

This will definitely be part of their new initiatives, and something we will most probably be seeing more of due to their new launch of Coca-Cola Life, the first new cola drink it has rolled out into the UK market in eight years. The company said the new drink would help meet its pledges made under the UK government’s voluntary anti-obesity drive. It’s said to use ‘less sugar and have fewer calories’ experts still say it will have over 4 teaspoons of sugar… but that’s another story.

Commenters have also noted the irony and confusion of the newly-launched campaign.

One Youtuber wrote: “Poor Coca Cola. I love them as a company but all this video tells me is that it takes far too much time and work to make it worth it to enjoy a Coke when I could just have flavoured water or something much less sugary than 140 calories.”

Yet another user commented: “This ad actually shows exactly why I don’t want to drink a Coke. 23 minutes biking to cancel out a can of Coke? Lol.”

What’s your take on Coke’s ‘Happy Cycle’?

Check out the video here:



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