A British Lion- Ian Poulter

If I say ‘Ryder Cup’ what pops in to your head?

I bet this guy won’t be far away. Yes… Ian Poulter, Ryder Cup gladiator and match play wizard, but what whats been puzzling me for some time now is why oh why is he not at the top of that leaderboard more often? Just, what is it, pressure? No, Mentality? No, Poults seems to have all that on lock com match play, however doesnt seem to make that transition in to stroke play?

I’m a big Poults fan, i’m just fascinated at why such a world class player cant seem to make the next step?


“There’s only one Ian Poulter” goes the Ryder Cup chant. At times, it seems like there may be two.

Poulter is not only a star attraction wherever he plays, but he can be one of the most engaging interviewees in sport. His story is a terrific one, an inspiration to young professionals who fear they might not make it in the game when stuck selling tee pegs in their club shop. Poulter’s maximisation of his own brand, let alone his golf, has been a major success story in itself.

This came apparent to me at the Masters this year, he had a good run at it, and I just thought to myself, you know I wonder what he would do if he was say one off the lead going into the final round of a Major, or had to defend a lead on a Sunday at Augusta, would he still be the same, cool, flash, collected Poults we are all used to seeing?

I found an interview with him, and they asked

‘Where does your confidence come from?’

‘I guess from my dad, who’s an engineer. He played football and had some trials with a couple of decent clubs but didn’t quite make it. He was pretty handy at most sports, and he never particularly liked losing. I guess I’ve got some of that in me. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to not enjoy losing. He drilled that in me at an early age. It’s not just about taking part in something; it’s about competition — and winning.’

My kind of guy, hates losing, loves winning, thats how it should be! So he knows how to win, and he doesnt like losing, so what seems to be the problem?

Outside of golf he’s just as slick, a garage full of ferrari’s, his own brand/business ‘IJP’, family life too, and if like me you follower him on Twitter you know he’s a good laugh too!

So what could it be, could all this outside stuff impact his game? does it act as a distraction? hmm not so sure, doesnt seem to effect him in the Ryder Cup does it? After all, he’s got to have stuff outside of the game of golf!!

I don’t know, I guess this a questuon for you guys, why do you think Poults struggles for contention?

Here’s a reminder of 2008, Poults on flames!


Thanks again for reading, I’d love to know your thoughts on this one, what do you think? Let me know!







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