Month: March 2014

John Daly continues to find creative ways to make the headlines.

A golfer other than ME has made a 12 on a par 4!!! And breathe! The PGA veteran shot a 19-over-par 90 in the second round of the PGA Tour Valspar Championship on Last friday.

Turns out Daly had an adventurous day at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor. Daly carded a bogey or worse on half of the 18 holes he played en route to the worst round of his professional career.

Daly’s first three shots on that hole found the water, and by the time he finally found the bottom of the cup, he had taken an unbelievable 12 shots… Anybody else smiling a little? Seems these pros are human after all. Makes my 9 on a par 3 this week a little more comforting anyway.

FedEx St. Jude Classic - Round One

Daly is known for having a great sense of humor, and it didn’t leave his side last Friday as he poked fun at his struggles on the 16th hole. Despite Daly’s erratic play, he continues to get invites to PGA Tour events, why? Largely because of the buzz he generates, but seriously 90? I’ll play on the tour and make sure I’m fun to watch?…Please?

He’s still a big-name golfer, and fans like to watch him since he is such an unpredictable person but come on! He hasn’t won a PGA tournament since taking the Buick Invitational in 2004, and his performance at the Valspar Championship doesn’t inspire confidence that he can break the decade-long drought any time soon.


Tiger is that you? No no, it’s Patrick Reed

After watching the WGC the other week I was somewhat surprised by Patrick Reeds’ comments.


Patrick Reed, 23 years old, won his third tourney since August, holding off a stellar field at the WGC Cadillac Championship. He’s now the youngest to ever win a WGC event, I watched him play, he played solid throughout the weekend and deserved to win. He even wore Tigers Sunday red… Oh yeah he went there.

However after the win, Reed said he believed he was one of the Top 5 players in the world (he is in the Top 20 World Rankings), which caused a stir on Twitter and maybe didn’t win him any new fans!

“I’ve worked so hard. I’ve won a lot in my junior career. I did great in my amateur career. I went 6-0 in match play in NCAAs. We won NCAAs two years in a row (at Augusta State). I got third individually one year at NCAAs. Now, I have three wins on the PGA Tour. I just don’t see a lot of guys who’ve done that, besides Tiger and the other legends of the game. I believe in myself. I feel like I’m one of the top five players in the world. I feel like I’ve proven myself.” Well… There’s being confident and then there’s that! I’m a massive believer in confidence, especially in golf, you have to be and in some way I agree, however I don’t think this was the right way to go about making new friends on the PGA.

I’m no expert but I hadn’t heard of Reed before his win, and if he thinks he’s up there with Tiger then he’s somewhat deluded! Or maybe he meant he looked the same, then yes most definitely up there with Tiger.


Journey to be better- Graeme McDowell

Ohhhhh Gmac is a cool customer! Check out his latest camppaign with Srixon golf here,

Srixon Golf presents their latest campaign, the Journey To Better. In the first episode of the campaign, Graeme McDowell talks about the Journey To Better in the sport of golf and in life. There is no such thing as perfection in the sport of golf or the golf swing – there is only the pursuit of better. Take a look at the awesome video above and hear from Graeme McDowell himself!

A gift from us to you.. Well from Bubba anyway!

Unorthodox, different and brilliant.. Oh and a major champion, Bubba Watson is a breath of fresh air in the golfing world!

If I didn’t like him enough then his YouTube account definitely changed that! This is just an overview of what he does, put together by the PGA, but after watching this I definitely urge you guys to check out his Youtube channel!

Wooooo Tiger, Tiger Woods!

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More to follow from us!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone of you for taking the time out and reading this blog, even to those taht dont particualrly like it, it means a lot and I hope you guys are enjoying them so far.

I started this blog to mainly talk about golf and thats still the case, however we will mix it up a bit with ramblings about day to day stuff that pops into my mind and also some other sport stuff.


What to expect;

A look back to my trip to Augusta last year, and where to play if you are travelling a couple of days before the tournament.

Course rants from my outings, course reviews, and my progress to get into single figures!

The trials and tribulations of Manchester United, apologies if you do not follow football, or in many cases arent a united fan, either way im sure you will love me ranting about their struggles.

And of course the occassional bet that never comes in :-/

As a marketeer myself, I will occassionally post some stuff about that, not boring old stuff but some good stuff thats worth a read.

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A sneak peak into Rory Mcilroys workout…

I touched on this the other day in the tiger woods blog (see here) a golfers fitness and how athletic the golf game is becoming…

I touched on how the core strength of a golfer is the most important, whether you use the gym regularly or not at all, having a strong core helps with posture, and swing consistency. Justin Rose is the master of this, and his swings not bad either.

“I am driving it further,” he told the Belfast Telegraph last month in Abu Dhabi. “It’s a combination of the golf ball, the driver, and just getting stronger from all the work I’m doing in the gym.”

Rory Mcilroy took to the internet to give us a cheeky snap at his workout, take a look at it below.

WGC, Doral and Rory!

Now i’m a big big Mcilroy fan but this got me rattled a little!

Asked what he would take from the week, he replied wryly: “I don’t know. Maybe re-think the schedule next year.”

While he stopped short of saying he would skip the tournament next year, he did suggest it’s not a course he would choose to play if it didn’t host a WGC event.

“I don’t know, that’s a good question” McIlroy said. “Obviously it is so you come. It depends what you want. It has been a tough couple of weeks. (PGA National) isn’t an easy course. It’s a tough stretch. I’m all for having a tough course but it’s nice to make birdies, too. It depends what you want.


“It’s a frustrating golf course because you feel like you should be doing so much better, and it just doesn’t allow you to. You have to be so precise and just to get the ball close on some of these greens and these pin positions. I don’t know if it’s because you’ve got memories of the course before, like going low, and the way it is now it just doesn’t allow you to do that.”

Now, not jumping the gun a little but isnt that the idea of professional golf, it’s meant to be tough? I agree in the sense that one or two birdies are very welcome, yes, however come on, these are meant to be the best golfers on the planet, they should still have to work for their living!

Anyyyyyway McIlroy will return at the Shell Houston Open in two weeks’ time.