Month: February 2014

Good guys finished last…

Well, that sure was strange old match between Rickie and Sergio wasnt it.

Friday saw Garcia take on Rickie Fowler at the Accenture Match Play, where Sergio seeming to have the upper hand on Rickie Fowler early in their third round match.

World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship - Round Three

(Image courtesy of Getty images)

Garcia stood 2-up standing on the 7th green, with Fowler facing a par putt of 17 feet, 7 inches while Sergio had a par putt that was just 6 feet, 11 inches from the hole.

If you’ve ever watched even a couple of minutes of match play you know that this is a good position for Sergio, knowing if Fowler misses the putt it gives Garcia a good chance of rolling in that nearly seven footer for the par and a 3-up lead.

It was there where things got a little weird, with Garcia going “good-good” — the acknowledgement that neither needed to complete their putt — with Fowler even though Rickie’s putt was more than twice the distance of Sergio’s and they were both putting for the same score.

The final margin of their match? One stroke, meaning that Garcia’s gentlemanly act may have cost him the tournament.

The Golf Channel talked to Sergio after the hole and he said the reason for the gesture is that he felt bad because on the previous hole Garcia had taken a good amount of time getting a ruling because there were bees surrounding his golf ball, but even after that explanation the move is nothing short of bizarre.

How crazy is it to give Fowler a putt of that distance? Before this week, Fowler hadn’t made a single putt all season outside of 15 feet, and while the putter has awoke at Dove Mountain, it still seems strange to just basically halve a hole when you have a serious advantage.

A lot of people mentioned they thought there was a little strategy behind the move by Garcia, but after winning the 9th to go 3-up, Sergio lost the next two holes and eventually the match.

Here is video of what went down on the 7th, so see for yourself the strange situation that went down between Garcia and Fowler.

What were your thoughts, was Garcia right to do so? Little to generous maybe? who knows, comment and subscribe for more blogs on useless stuff about golf! Thanks for visiting!


Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

2013 was Adam Scotts best year yet, being the first Australian ever to win the Masters and also winning The Barclays Championship during the FedEx Cup Playoffs. He didn’t win just on the PGA Tour though as he would win the Grand Slam of Golf as well as nearly completing the Aussie Triple Crown by winning the Australian PGA Championship, Australian Masters, the World Cup of Golf with Jason Day and finishing runner-up to Rory McIlroy at the Australian Open.

Golfing world gets inside the game with Adam Scott!

Australian golf is definitely in a good place right now with Adam Scott being ranked number 2 in the official golf world and Jason Day looking like he’s going to breakthrough for a Major championship himself at any moment, after a few stirling performances in recent majors! Hopefully they both have a great 2014 – we definitely look forward to watching even more of the Aussie tenacity this year!

Marketing as it should be: Nike ‘Play in the Now’

As well as being a golf fanatic, I love marketing, the things it can do, the power it has, there is no limit no right or wrong answer, something’s work, others don’t, but I find it fascinating.

With technology changing in the golf industry almost every season, marketing is at the very forefront of golf with Taylormade and Nike being the front runners of using this tool to broadcast their products.

Nike have had a lot of good/bad press for their introduction into golf, the way they ‘bought’ their way in. In some respects I agree, in others I don’t. Yes an endorsement such as Tigers turns a few heads, and now Rory, but why is that so wrong?

I for one don’t see a problem with this, they are innovative, precise, and yes game changers! Hence this article, it isn’t to rant on how Nike should or shouldn’t market their products, its about their new campaign “Play in the Now

This year, Nike Golf is continuing with their ad campaign of “Play in the Now,” where it pokes fun at players who fail to embrace the new technology available to them!

Nike’s line of equipment in 2014 is very impressive but at the centre of it all is their new Nike Covert 2.0 driver! Both Rory McIlory and Tiger Woods have it in their bag this season, and that’s saying something for Tiger because he usually takes a while to feel comfortable with an equipment change. Nike Golf teases players who can’t seem to grasp the concept of cavity back technology and the Covert 2.0!

I love the way they have marketed this to their consumers, it’s funny, its different, creative and its NOT  “this year we are 5 yards longer” (I play a Taylormade Driver ‘R9 TP and burner 3 wood’ so before anyone slates me I do like Taylormade, I just don’t like the way they do marketing.. If they would kindly like to offer me a job, I would love to help with this however…see contact details 😉 )

Take a look!

Callaway with a BIG 2014!

With a few big name signings to their stable over the off season, a new release of their beloved Big Bertha, Callaway are really making an impression for 2014.

One of their major signings Matteo Manassero is already a multiple winner on the European Tour. This season, Matteo is one of many stars to join Team Callaway including Red Hot Henrik Stenson, and in a recent ad shoot for Callaway, Matteo took the time to talk to Harry Arnett in the newest episode of Callaway Talks!

In this short interview, Matteo touches on his goals for the 2014 season and his plans for both the European and PGA Tour.

Scary to think hes only 20!!


Good luck Matteo!!

So, almost a year on from my trip to Augusta..

With my birthday just gone (explain in a minute) it dawned on me that the masters is drawing closer..

This time last year my parents give me the best birthday present ever… A trip to Augusta.. ON A SUNDAY! God knows how they got tickets (or paid for it) but needless to say, i dropped my TGI Fridays ribs in exciteement and i didnt even care.

This was a dream come true for me on so many levels, and being from the UK made it all that sweeter. Me and my dad travelled to South Carolina on the Tuesday to hit Myrtle beaches famous golf courses before travelling up to the Promised lands of Georgia, and Augusta national. Seeing this picture, it dawned on me, we are merely 2 months away from the first major of 2014 and I for one am definitley itching to see some more of last year.

If you’re itching for sights of the Masters, you’re in luck. We found this cheeky little picture.


A rare snowstorm left more than 2 inches of snow and ice in much of the Southeast, leaving commuters stranded and several areas in disarray.

The beauty of Augusta National may be one of the few things that could offer a silver lining to the dangerous weather.

All said and done, it was socks and some chocolate for this years Birthday, 22 sucks! Time to grow up!

Rickie Fowler, the ins and outs!

When it comes to building a brand, fan-friendly Rickie Fowler is among the best on the PGA Tour! The flat bill cap and his vibrant clothing colours can be seen from anywhere,  and his willingness to endlessly sign autographs has made him an inspiration for junior golfers. Fowler has single handedly changed the look of golf, making it more youthful and enjoyable, some would say hes a bit of a rough diamond. (Maybe just his marketing teams)

In the video above, Golfing World catches up with Rickie and speaks to him about his new partnership with Butch Harmon, the upcoming 2014 year and his goals for the future! Take a look!

Fowler has started working with swing coach Butch Harmon on what Rickie says are “no major changes, just taking what I have and cleaning it up, making it consistent and more repeatable.”

We look forward to seeing what he and Butch have been working on and cant wait for him to be back in the winners circle!